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Why has the whole Ufo Phenomenon become such an enigma? Why does its actual reality in our world evade us? Why does the US government insist on preventing any form of disclosure? Why does it stubbornly suppress the facts? Is their insidious campaign in distributing disinformation and propaganda on the entire subject succeeding in confusing people so we don’t know what the truth really is? Why does the government flat-out deny the existence of an ET presence near or on the Earth? What is it hiding from us? Is it that such matters are too incredible to let into the mainstream? Is it for our safety and protection? Or is it the aliens themselves that do not wish to be revealed just yet? Or not ever? And could it be both government and ETs are behind the secrecy and the cover-ups?

The Ufo Phenomenon has been relegated to mere fantasies of the imagination instead of something clear and obvious, and it is true the American government has played a large role in this devious maneuver. The more it conceals the facts and delivers disinformation to the masses, the more we tend to be confused and uncertain as to the reality of alien spacecraft and the presence of aliens on or around Earth.

There have been countless reports of mysterious individuals, classically called Men in Black, who have threatened, harassed, and frightened eyewitnesses and abductees. Many of these people kept their silence, but then others, after many years, have finally revealed their extraterrestrial experiences. Evidently these mysterious Men in Black, most likely government agents, are part of the elaborate cover-up of the Ufo Phenomenon.

It’s also possible that aliens have attempted to deliberately conceal themselves from us, perhaps via mass-hypnosis or memory-erasure. For instance, most abductees have returned to Earth with amnesia regarding their experiences. Only under deep hypnosis fragments of the truth have seeped through. So is it possible the government has endeavored to conceal the truth, because over the years aliens have also hypnotized people of the government and the military and intelligence branches, especially key officials that can initiate decisions that lead to concealment and cover-ups? It’s a very plausible theory, since whatever we do in trying to initiate disclosure seems to slip through our fingers. It’s like a magician’s sleight-of-hand act: the evidence seems to appear, then just as quickly disappears. Pretty strange, if you ask me. The truth-seekers and eyewitnesses are pushing for full disclosure, but it’s been a very difficult process while the government and military keep tight-lipped and in denial about the whole matter.

Likewise, is it possible that these ominous Men in Black who silence their victims are actually working for the ETs? Are they themselves aliens masked as humans? Or is this too far-fetched of a notion? Or perhaps this is part of the radical disinformation that has been released, since it seems too unbelievable and like something you’d read in the tabloids, or science fiction.

The Ufo Phenomenon should be so blatant, so stark, so obviously visible in our modern world, at least from the last half-century up till now — but yet it isn’t. It has not been allowed. This should have been the biggest story of the 20th Century, if not the greatest news of this century. Other enthusiasts claim this should be the largest historical revelation of the millennium. Unfortunately, it isn’t. It’s been cleverly suppressed.
This should be a world-changing event that is blatantly in our faces that should transform every aspect of our lives! So why isn’t it?

Hundreds of thousands of people, eyewitnesses, abductees, whistleblowers and so forth, have been trying to get the worms out of the can, but something is suppressing it. That’s why it’s such an enigma. Diabolical forces are preventing the biggest news in history.

The idea of alien contact is nothing to take lightly. Unfortunately, it’s viewed as the stuff of science fiction and the tabloids, and has pretty much been stuck there in that rut. Yes, we’ve had dramatic documentaries about UFOs and alien abductions and ancient aliens and such, but not enough people take these shows seriously. At the least they’re considered speculative or akin to tabloidism, and at the most viewed as sheer ridiculous nonsense. It seems the government will only allow a certain amount of information, and disinformation, into the media, mostly because it is usually accepted as sheer sensationalism that can’t be taken seriously.

Several hundred years ago, the Catholic Church struggled to suppress the crazy notion that the Earth was not the center of the known universe, but that the sun was. Many persecuted or imprisoned heretics attempted to tell people that the Church was wrong. Not something you causally do back in those dark days. But eventually science advanced and the truth came out. It was revealed that the Earth was just another planet orbiting the sun within something called the solar system — to the egocentric disgruntlement of the Church. Unfortunately, our own sun is only one star amidst billions in one galaxy that thrives amidst billions more. How sad for medieval religious egotists!

The same thing is happening in our times. The reality of aliens and their spacecraft is being concealed and not allowed into the mainstream as actual reality, as part of our everyday life, and most definitely not a common topic in the News.

Of course it’s also true that “first contact” has not been initiated by aliens yet. Once again, this very well could be that the aliens do not wish to come forward just yet. They would rather be unknown and invisible for now. But why? Are we not ready? Are we too ignorant? Too primitive? Too paranoid? Too dangerous? Too warlike?

Quite possibly it’s little different than when missionaries from the modern world visited the primitive tribes in Africa, usually to convert the so-called “savages,” but these na├»ve intruders ended up as stew meat in their big boiling pots. Yes, the primitives are dangerous! No wonder the ETs are keeping a safe distance from us and endeavor to keep themselves hidden! Well, not too successfully, obviously, since enough UFO eyewitnesses of alien phenomena and abductees still thrive in the world to report what is most likely going on.

Will the truth about aliens and UFOs ever come out in the open, or will we remain in the dark for a while longer? Will this enigma ever be resolved once and for all?

I think we have to keep in mind the biblical saying, “Seek and you shall find.”

The next question is, if our seeking is successful, what will we really find?

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